Erfolgreicher Batterie-Quick-Check bei einem gebrauchten Elektroauto durchgeführt.

The battery test for your electric vehicle

The health of the traction battery can be checked

Is the range of your electric vehicle getting worse? Are you concerned about the condition of your battery? Or do you want to assure a potential buyer that your battery is in good condition?

The question of how good the battery of an electric car still is is not only of great importance to those interested in buying a used electric car. A battery test can also be useful for electric car owners. Battery Quick Check is a data-based and independent solution that allows you to check and certify the actual condition of your battery. After all, the state of health of an electric battery is crucial for the vehicle value of a used electric car.

Do you want to sell or buy an electric car?

I want to buy an electric car

The battery of an electric vehicle can account for up to 50% of the total value. Therefore, you should be clear about its health. You should not rely on the charge level display or range estimates of the Onbard systems. Only an independent and accurate battery health test will give you clarity about the actual state of the battery.

I want to sell my electric car

Up to 50% of the vehicle's value is in the traction battery. And 100% of the range. With the Battery Quick Check, you create transparency about the actual health of your electric car and assure your buyer that your battery is in good condition. This way, you not only achieve a fair, but also often a higher sales price.

How can the Battery Quick Check be performed?

The test can be carried out at your garage and usually takes around 90 minutes. You will receive the battery report, which has been prepared in accordance with a TÜV Rheinland-certified overall process, directly afterwards.

How much does the Battery Quick Check cost?

The recommended retail price for private customers is €149.

Verkäuferin führt ein Beratungsgespräch mit zwei Flottenmanagern über die Vorteile des Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge.

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