Verkäuferin, die für ein Autohaus arbeitet, erläutert einem interessierten Kunden die Vorteile eines Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge.

Services for car dealers

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Battery Quick Check for car dealers
The share of BEVs in commercial fleets has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Likewise, the demand for a solution that maps the aging process of traction batteries and allows a reliable determination of the residual value of an electric vehicle is also increasing. Our Battery Report provides you with the clarity you need to know about the actual condition of the traction battery. In addition, you can actively influence the usage behavior or the type of use in order to achieve the targeted residual value of the BEVs. With the certified report, you also enhance your options for remarketing BEVs with expired leases.

Battery Quick Check helps stabilize prices on the secondary market
The Battery Report contibutes to stabilizing the market for used BEVs, by increasing the customers' trust and thus their willingness to pay. With the Battery Quick Check, you can expand your portfolio in a future-oriented way and offer your customers a manufacturer-independent and certified buy & sell assessment. 

Eine professionell gekleidete Frau eines Leasingunternehmens nutzt ihr iPad, um einen Kunden über die Vorteile eines Batterie Quick Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge zu beraten.

The benefits for car dealers

  • Use in own fleets & customer fleets

  • Future-oriented expansion of the product portfolio

  • Targeted customer acquisition and retention through unique selling proposition

  • Tapping into the market for battery-electric vehicles

  • Improved price stability Secondary market

  • Process is certified by TÜV Rheinland

The choice is yours: The Battery Quick Check can be performed by TÜV Rheinland experts or by your own qualified workshop personnel

Der Mechaniker gibt dem Kunden das Battery-Quick-Check Zertifikat in der Werkstatt.

Battery test by TÜV Rheinland

A TÜV Rheinland expert will come to you on the scheduled dates and perform the Battery Quick Check on your BEVs.


  • Internal resources are not blocked

  • No hardware costs

  • No need to train staff

Der Mechaniker steht in einer Werkstatt und demonstriert den Service des Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge.

Battery test by your workshop crew

You qualify your staff, get the appropriate hardware and can flexibly carry out the Battery Quick Check internally.


  • Flexible scheduling

  • Potential for cross-selling with other services

  • Development of internal know-how and state-of-the-art software

Verkäuferin präsentiert während eines Beratungsgesprächs mit Geschäftskunden die Vorteile des Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge im Rahmen des Fuhrparkmanagements.

Expand your portfolio in a future-oriented way with the Battery Quick Check

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