Verkäuferin, die für ein Autohaus arbeitet, erläutert einem interessierten Kunden die Vorteile eines Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge.

The battery test for
used electric cars

The TÜV certified battery report makes the sale and purchase of used electric cars more transparent. Get clarity on the actual health condition of the traction battery.

Transparency concerning BEV battery condition

The traction battery is not only the most important, but also by far the most valuable component of a battery electric vehicle (BEV): it represents up to 50 percent of a BEV’s value – and therefore also of its residual value.

However, it has so far remained the main uncertainty in the valuation of second-hand vehicles. That’s why many vehicle evaluators base their valuation on the battery’s worst-case condition. The result: the assessed residual value is often lower than the actual vehicle value.

We provide the first reliable workshop test for the battery state of health

During a short stop in the workshop, Battery Quick Check determines the actual SoH value of the traction battery, completely independent of the vehicle manufacturer. That value represents the State of Health (SoH), the true battery condition. The battery report based on that value forms the core product of Battery Quick Check GmbH. It is certified by TÜV Rheinland and thus highly trustworthy.

How the Battery Quick Check works

For the diagnostics of the battery condition, the on-board diagnostic system (OBD) with the OBD2 interface of a vehicle is used. Qualified workshop personnel or TÜV Rheinland experts use a vehicle diagnostic tool to read out all relevant data, including the battery's current, voltage and temperature. The battery data is then analyzed in the Battery Quick Check Cloud using an innovative battery analysis algorithm. 

The result is an independent and precise status report on the traction battery – the Battery Quick Check Report.

Benefits of the Battery Quick Check

  • Real condition and value assessment - benefit from usually higher residual values

  • Manufacturer-independent and TÜV Rheinland certified battery report

  • Short test time during a partial charge

  • Can be optimally integrated into existing workshop processes

  • Minimal investment - AC charging station required

  • Test performed by using established diagnostic hardware

Hella Gutmann Solutions: First strategic partner for Battery Quick Check

The partnership with Hella Gutmann Solutions is a crucial step towards comprehensive, manufacturer-independent battery diagnostics. Using the mega macs X diagnostic device, qualified specialists in workshops will be able to carry out the Battery Quick Check from now on.

Der Mechaniker sitzt in einem Elektroauto und demonstriert den Service des Batterie-Quick-Checks für Elektrofahrzeuge.

The battery is the heart of the electric vehicle – check its health condition!

The traction battery represents over 30% of the vehicle's value. Learn more about our test and the certificate.

Services for workshops

Enter new markets together with us and expand your portfolio!

Services for fleet companies

We provide the basis for a real value assessment of BEVs and transparency about the user behavior.

Services for car dealer

With the Battery Quick Check you receive a manufacturer-independent buy & sell evaluation as well as better price stability in the secondary market.

Services for leasing providers

Benefit from a real condition & value assessment and thus from more accurate and often better residual values.

Eine Privatperson sitzt im Fahrersitz ihres Elektroautos.

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